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Story of Bhaijaan and Motabhai

Bhaijaan and Motabhai

“We need to get our Travel Website done”, said Prajapati Ji to Jignesh on phone, in behalf of Ms.Jaishnavi Kapadia. Mr. Dhaval Prajapati and Ms. Jaishnavi Kapadia are independent business people who occasionally collaborate together for business. Both works in Travel Industry, Prajapati Ji runs a travel magazine business and Mrs. Kapadia was a lawyer ...

A Tale of Ali and Rihan

A Tale of Ali and Rihan

“Ali, Where are you?” shouted Rihan, standing outside of Ali’s House. Rihan and Ali being five and ten years old boys are best friends, who play, study, and do many activities together. They live in a small village Baramgarh, India with their huts opposite to each other. Baramgarh is a village which is far from city areas, it’s a village with one school, one ...