“We need to get our Travel Website done”, said Prajapati Ji to Jignesh on phone, in behalf of Ms.Jaishnavi Kapadia.

Mr. Dhaval Prajapati and Ms. Jaishnavi Kapadia are independent business people who occasionally collaborate together for business. Both works in Travel Industry, Prajapati Ji runs a travel magazine business and Mrs. Kapadia was a lawyer and side-traveler before and now she wants to start a travel venture in which women from India who derive pleasure from traveling, get the opportunity to become a tour guide for travelers and travel with them. And to give this opportunity and connect with women tour guides in India, Mrs. Kapadia needs a website.

“Sure, When can we meet to discover your needs and objectives of the website you’re talking about?”, asked Jignesh.

“Let’s meet on Tuesday in the afternoon”, said Prajapati Ji.

“Sure, I’ll come at your place”, said Jignesh.

“Kemcho Rizwan Bhaijaan”, said Jignesh on phone to his long-distance friend Rizwan Ahmed after getting the meeting arranged with the client. Rizwan Ahmed is a Website Designer and Developer in the Metropolis of Fatehpura, Gujarat. Jignesh and Rizwan met each other in 9th class on Facebook (never met in person as both lives in different cities) and are in the design industry. Jignesh’s expertise is more in Brand Identity and whereas Rizwan’s expertise is in Website Designing and Development and that’s why Jignesh thought of hiring Rizwan for his client’s project.

“As-salamu alaykum Motabhai”, said Rizwan. “What makes you call me today?”

“I have a business opportunity for both of us if you’re interested in. It’s a Client who needs a travel website and has approached me today. I know of only you till now who can deliver this client’s needs, Are you interested, Bhaijaan? And there is no problem with the budget here. The client is ready to pay the premium price for the solution of their problem”, said Jignesh

“Inshallah, I’m interested”, said Rizwan

“Sure, can you please let me know your minimum level of engagement? I have to set the anchor in clients mind and then negotiate. I don’t know what these things cost.”, asked Jignesh

“It’s Rs. 7,000 and then it all depends on the scope and time frame of the project”, replied Rizwan.

“Sure, I’ll put the proposal of Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 13,000 in front of the client then which includes my commission and Logo Design Fees”, said Jignesh

“Okay, Best of Luck for the meeting Motabhai, Jai Shri Krishna”, said Rizwan

“Shukriaa Bhaijaan, Khuda Hafiz”, said Jignesh and Hung up.

The day arrived and Jignesh reached the Prajapati Ji’s place at 2 p.m for the meeting. Ms. Kapadia was also present with Prajapati Ji.

“So, what do you need the website for, Ms. Kapadia and Prajapati Ji?”, asked Jignesh from the two prospects.

“Sure, So I’m Starting a new Travel Venture where we’ll conduct tours occasionally with travelers and travel across India. What is unique about this business is that we’ll only provide Women Tour Guides because I personally believe and faced that there are many women who want to do this but are not getting the opportunity. I want to create a platform specifically for Travelers who want to travel India and Indian Women Tour Guides who can apply and get the opportunity to become a tour guide to these Travelers. I also want to write about the Indian Culture on my website and share what I know and have experienced in my past travel experience. On the website, we’ll also have Portfolio of our tours which we’ll do in the future.”

“To put up in few words, I need a website where Travelers from anywhere in the world can apply for tours in India. Secondly, Where Indian Women who are interested in becoming Women Tour Guides to Travelers but got no opportunity, can apply and get connected with me to avail of this opportunity. Thirdly, A website where I can also write about Indian Culture. Was I able to explain to you my needs Jignesh?”, asked Ms. Kapadia from Jignesh.

Jignesh, who on the other side of the table is sitting like a statue with the functioning of ear enabled, understood nothing. It was like some lady is sitting in front of him and explaining to him how funny was Dhamaal in Chinese Langauge. Yes, It is Funny lady but what are you saying again?, Can you please get Gujarati translator for me, please?. These types of thoughts were wandering in Jignesh’s Mind.

“No, I didn’t understand”, said Jignesh in a neutral way.

“Yes, now I have understood everything”, said Jignesh after about one and a half hour. In this course of time, he had vanilla ice cream and the detailed talk with clients. He took notes and cleared all of his doubts with Ms. Kapadia and Prajapati Ji.

“Okay, So now what do we do, Jignesh? How should we start?”, asked Ms. Kapadia.

“Ms. Kapadia, as now I have written it all down, I need 2 days from you, so I can design the User Experience (UX) of the website and present it to you. Is that okay if we can fix a meeting again after 2 days? And by UX only I’ll be able to command you an exact price range and a timeline with metrics.”, asked Jignesh

“Sure, let’s meet again after 2 days but can you please let us know the minimum budget for this project, please. We need to start allocating funds for marketing and website.”, asked Ms. Kapadia.

“My minimum level of engagement is Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 12,000 but it’s just the minimum range. I’ll be able to tell you the maximum range when I will sketch out the UX part of the website and discover what the website’s tactical tangible needs are. I hope you understand”, said Jignesh

“Yes we do understand, and we’re okay with this minimum level of engagement and are curious to see what are you gonna show us in the second meeting. You can leave now.”, said Mrs. Kapadia.

When Jignesh was about to leave the office, he asked Ms. Kapadia and Prajapati Ji, if they have any more concern about this project which is keeping them awake in the night. And they refused to have any concern.

Jignesh went home and started working on his UX sketches and successfully completed the UX phase of the project within 2 days and was ready to present it to the client. He called Rizwan one day before the meeting and narrated him the UX and asked for the final price. Rizwan said that now to complete this project according to the given scope, he needs Rs. 19,500. Jignesh according to the price stated by the client, made calculations in his mind and decided to put the final proposal of Rs. 32,000 – Rs. 30,000 which is inclusive of Logo Design Fees (Rs. 3000).

He also sent the UX work to Rizwan and asked him to check it out and told him that it’s going to be the guideline of the website.

“No, I’m not gonna check it out. I’m not gonna do it in your way. I’ll have my own way and do whatever I like. This all will be random work. If you will not be satisfied with the work, let me know I’ll be up for iterations.”, cried Rizwan on phone.

“Su vaat karas che, Bhaijaan?, Of course, you’re gonna do it in your way Rizwan. I’m just sharing the UX part. You will have full freedom of Website’s Use Interface (UI). I’ll only share the typeface which is to be used and everything of the UI is going to be taken care of by you. So, please do check out the UX sketches which are the guidelines for your UI. Okay?”, asked Jignesh.

“Oh, Okay. I’ll check it out”, replied Rizwan and hung up after discussing some friendly stuff with Jignesh.

In the meeting, the client was profoundly satisfied by the UX design of the website. And Ms. Kapadia asked Jignesh to start working on the second phase of the project which is so to start Design and Development. And the budget was negotiated at INR 31,000.

“I’ll start the work from today itself and I’ll call if I need any help”, said Jignesh to Ms. Kapadia and Prajapati Ji and left the office.

On the Next day, the client paid INR 10,000 as advance to Jignesh. From which he took INR 3500 for his urgent personal expense and transferred the remaining to Rizwan to start the work. And within in two hours, Jignesh created the document in which all the details about the website were there from the meeting like UX, sitemaps, etc. He took the document’s approval from the client and sent it to Rizwan along with the UX sketches.

In the afternoon, Rizwan brought the first items for the website which were Hosting and Theme and updated Jignesh about it.

Jignesh texted Rizwan in the evening and updated him about the important thing which was that the website is going to be in black and white theme. He forgot to mention that in the document.

“Tara baap ne samjave che? it’s not going to be in Black and White theme. I told you in the beginning that it’s going to be in my way. Keep your minimal style with you, I don’t work in that style. I’ll try to keep it simple and use black and white only when there is a need. But still, if you want Black and White as compulsory, I need a screenshot of the client’s letting you know that the website will be in Black and White theme. And then only I’ll do it. So, Mr. Jignesh send me the screenshot and get a score.”, texted Rizwan.

Jignesh didn’t have a screenshot because it was in the meeting when the client told him about the color theme. But still, to fulfill Rizwan’s wish, he texted Client to confirm the color theme and sent Rizwan that screenshot. Rizwan is now obliged to do it and he said to Jignesh that he’ll continue the work at night.

“Morning Rizwan, Did you do something on website?, texted Jignesh to Rizwan, the next morning.

“Yes, I have created this Contact Page. I have sent you the link right now. Please check.” texted Rizwan

“Link Received, I’m checking. And yes I think this is good to go for contact page. And What is the progress of main Home page, Rizwan?, texted Jignesh

“Yes, I’ll start working on it after one-two hours.”, texted Rizwan

Jignesh went offline, and Rizwan resumed his work.

While Rizwan is working on the website. Jignesh is successfully failed here to get the approval of his Logo Design which he designed for the client and after several discussions, the client asked him to keep the logo design project on hold and focus on getting the website’s work done.

In evening, Rizwan sent the link of Home page to Jignesh and called him to know the review of Jignesh of his marvelous art.

“So, how’s this Motabhai”, asked excited Rizwan.

“What on the Earth is this? Rizwan. Is this what document articulated about the website’s front page? Or you have mistaken? I really recommend you to go and have a look at document please and let me know yourself what have you done wrong.”, said Jignesh.

“And I have just sent you a reference of what the client is actually looking for. Can you do like this?”, asked Jignesh.

“Yes but only on one condition, you have to first send this to the client and let me know their feedback. And then only I’ll think of listening to you. Please send it to client and send me the chat screenshot. Gracias.”, said Rizwan and Hung up.

Jignesh did what Rizwan asked him to do and sent it to the client for their approval without realizing the mistake he’s doing.

Jignesh was anticipating that the client will refuse to approve the submitted design because it was not according to the document which they themselves approved. But to Jignesh’s surprise, client wrote, “Brilliant work on the Site. Carry on”. Client approved the design only because of Pretty UI, they were unconsciously immersed in the prettiness of the design that they forgot their business and website’s objective and the document. Now Jignesh was obliged to send the screenshot to Rizwan and he did it.

“Tell me now Jignesh, who was barking?”, texted amused Rizwan.

Jignesh texted nothing.

“So, don’t ever interrupt me again Jignesh in my work.”, texted Rizwan.

Jignesh surrendered and asked Rizwan to continue working in his own way. Now, He doesn’t care if Rizwan reads the document or not.

Jignesh in his own blindness has set the anchor in his client’s mind which will now make them compare the website in future from the design which Rizwan created, which they did.

Next day, Rizwan sent a new completed page which was again false according to the UX and he again asked for the client’s feedback from Jignesh in the screenshot. And this time again, Client in their own unawareness approved the page and asked Jignesh to keep working.

“75% of the site work is done Jignesh, I think now we should ask for the second payment.”, texted Rizwan.

“Okay, I’ll talk to them about the payment tomorrow. So, where were in terms of payment? Yes. Now the project of logo design has been on hold and therefore total sum is narrowed down to Rs. 28,000 and from that Rs. 19,500 is yours and the remaining Rs. 8,500 is mine. Okay, Rizwan?”, texted Jignesh.

“Wait, I didn’t understand this. Just let me know will I get my Rs. 19,500 or not?”, texted Rizwan.

“Yes, you will. Rizwan. And from that, you have already received Rs. 6,500, Agreed, Rizwan?”, texted Jignesh

“Yes, but I will get my full Rs. 19,500, right?”, Rizwan texted again.

“Yes”, texted Jignesh.

“So, how much will I get now?”, texted Rizwan.

“After subtracting Rs. 19,500- Rs. 6,500, you’ll get Rs. 13,000”, texted Jignesh.

“Wait you just said I’ll get Rs. 19,500, am I right?”, texted Rizwan.

“Yes you will, but you have already received Rs. 6,500 from that.”, texted Jignesh.

“You’re backing off from your commitment, Jignesh. You were saying Rs. 19,500 and now you’re saying Rs. 13,000. You can even scroll up and check it out”, texted Rizwan.

“Why would I do that? Don’t you track your payments then? Don’t you know how much you have received and how much you’ll get?”, texted Jignesh.

“Okay, leave it. Just give me my 13,000 and I’m good.”, texted Rizwan.

“Okay wait. You can’t blame and shut up here, Rizwan. Talk. Take 15,000 instead of blaming. And can you specifically let me know how much should I scroll to see my false commitment?”, texted Jignesh.

“Scroll up you’ll find it. But Leave it Jignesh, I’m going to start working on other pages of the website. I’ll complete the About us page by evening and will send you. And you Keep your money.”, texted Rizwan and went offline.

In evening Rizwan sent the completed about page and sent Jignesh for approval.

“Okay, this is done. Where are the other pages, Rizwan?”, texted Jignesh.

“What other pages?”, texted Rizwan.

“The one which is given in the document”, texted Jignesh.

“Don’t tell me about document. Tell mere clearly here, about what I’m left with, Jignesh.”, texted Rizwan.

“FAQs, Testimonials.”, texted Jignesh.

“I don’t have the content.”, texted Rizwan.

“Just add dummy and I’ll take care after that.”, texted Jignesh.

“Okay, will do it.”, texted Rizwan.

“Jignesh, I’m done with FAQs, Testimonials, Contact, About. Show it to your client please.”, texted Rizwan in evening.

“Okay”, texted Jignesh.

Jignesh updated the client about latest formal changes in website and asked them to check it.

“It’s all fine Jignesh, only some little changes need to be there, but where are the forms?”, asked  Dhaval Ji.

Yes, Dhaval Ji is now finally unwittingly aware of the UX. Now his System 2 is in mode. The consideration is on, woohoo.

Jignesh sent the screenshot to Rizwan about the First Objection of the client.

“Where are the forms, Rizwan?. There are supposed to be 3 different application forms, where are they?”, texted Jignesh.

“Anything Else, Jignesh”, texted Rizwan.

“You do this forms and I’m sure other changes are on the way.” texted Jignesh.

“Tell me everything now Jignesh. What do you want? And where do these forms have to be placed, can your client please tell anything?”, texted Rizwan.

“Okay leave it for now. I’ll let you know everything tomorrow. It’s midnight. Shab Bakhair, Rizwan.”, texted Jignesh and went offline.

“No, tell me now.”, said Rizwan. The message was unseen until next morning.

“What about the payment, Jignesh? And I recommend the client to create their forms on Google forms and give me the link”, texted Rizwan.

“You’ll receive the amount in this week. And okay, I’ll talk to them about it and if they agree I’ll send you the links.”, texted Jignesh after asking the client about payment.

“No, ask him exactly in words. And give me that document.”, texted Rizwan.

“I have sent you details about three sections which are supposed to created on website. You have to place each form’s link on a button on each section”, texted Jignesh

“Will there only be sections?”, texted Rizwan

“Yes”, texted Jignesh.

“Okay”, texted Rizwan

“And from where will the user get access to the forms’ page?”, texted Rizwan

“Sending you a sketch”, texted Jignesh.

Jignesh created the UX of Home page in which there were supposed to be three sections and first three sections were supposed to have an appealing background image and a link to form button. The last section was supposed to same as other section only the button’s link had to be the blog’s link. He sent that UX to Rizwan.

“What is this?, Jignesh”, texted Rizwan

“Do this in your own way and remove the current homepage.”, texted Jignesh

“You previously told me to do it in my way, and if anything happens after changing the homepage. You’ll be responsible”, texted Rizwan

“Okay wait”, texted Jignesh.

Jignesh had found a reference design for Rizwan and asked if it’s possible to do the same on homepage.

“Nope, it’s not possible”, texted Rizwan

“Okay wait”, texted Jignesh

Jignesh opened the UI software and created a rough wireframe and asked Rizwan if it’s possible.

“Wait, you want me to delete current homepage and add this pile of trash?”, texted Rizwan

“Yes”, texted Jignesh

“Okay, and if the client says anything I don’t care and I want my payment. And I will not do the homepage change.” texted Rizwan.

“Means you won’t do any changes in the website until you receive the payment?”, texted Jignesh

“No, I mean the way you asked to change the homepage like white everywhere. If client says anything after the change. I’ll not do any changes or bring it back like the old one. I’ll do it.”, texted Rizwan

“Rizwan, it’s just dummy, white is supposed to be filled in your own way,” said Jignesh

“Scroll up and read the chats again, Jignesh.”, texted Rizwan

“Yes, I have read”, texted Jignesh

“Okay, Jignesh you have much more knowledge than me. I’ll do it but again if the client objects don’t come crying to me”, texted Rizwan

“Okay Rizwan, what solution do you have then? Tell?”, texted Jignesh.

“I’ll need the payment on time as said.”, texted Rizwan.

“Tell me where will you add the forms.”, texted Jignesh.

“No, I don’t have anything to say, I’ll do whatever you say, Sir”, texted Rizwan

“Okay, then do as I asked you to do. And give me the website’s admin and password.”, texted Jignesh.

“I’ll link the form directly on the menu, that’s what solution I have. And I’m giving you the admin details of website but dare you touch anything without my consent on website.” texted Rizwan

“Okay.”, texted Jignesh

“Give me the links of forms.”, texted Rizwan

“On your mail, Now.”, texted Jignesh.

“I have done the changes, check the menu in footer.”, texted Rizwan after one hour.

“No, Do the way I asked you to do. You called me ‘Sir’ right? Now do it in my way”, texted Jignesh.

“Okay Sir, Shall I remove the homepage?”, texted Rizwan

“Yes, as I said”, texted Jignesh

“You have the admin details. Do it yourself and if the client objects and cuts any penny from my remaining amount. You’ll give it from your pocket.”, texted Rizwan

“You asked me not to touch anything on website.”, texted Jignesh

“You can do it. All I care about is the payment now. I don’t want to add this website project on my portfolio.”, texted Rizwan.

“Rizwan, it’s your job to do the work. You’re obliged to do it. And if I’m doing the work, I’ll have the payment.”, texted Jignesh

“Is it your job to micromanage me without taking the consent of client?”, texted Rizwan.

“Why don’t you just call the client and ask?”, texted Rizwan.

“Client has already objected about the forms and in the document and according to UX, we have agreed on a specific experience of the user on homepage. And that’s how you’re supposed to do it. But you didn’t and there’s no way I can call the client and ask him about the thing we’ve already discussed. And let me tell you, client will transfer the payment in my account first. You’re worried about the payment, right? Do the work and take the payment.”, texted Jignesh

“F**K this shit. F**K your payment. I don’t want to do the work. Keep your money with yourself. Thank you very much. I’m done literally. Do whatever you want to do, the site is all yours now. I’ll not do the work because of your rude behavior. Like it or not. You’re giving warnings. I’m not the slave who can keep on listening to you on behalf of the client’s name.”, texted Rizwan

“Now you can see, it’s your choice.”, texted Jignesh

“Loud and Clear to you. I cannot work with you. I want to talk directly with the client and then only the work will be continued. Or else, I’ll do whatever you say but you have to show the screenshot of client demanding changes. You’re unnecessarily shouting at me for just the sum of 13,000, Every time. I know or you?. What will look good and not? The site is not according to your plans with client, that’s why you’re mad. Nothing else. Pick up the call. I’m calling.”, texted Rizwan.

Rizwan called Jignesh.

“Yes, Rizwan. I’m not a teenager here who will constantly share the screenshots with you of the client’s like a 9th standard High school girl who keeps sharing her crush’s chat with her best friend. It’s business here, not a joke. If you didn’t want to work in my way you should have made it clear in the first place. And it’s not my way or yours, it’s the UX’s way which is discussed with the client. We’re not here to do the things in our way. It’s not Art its Design. I did the UX all you have to take care of is the UI and development. It’s that simple. And why shall I let the client talk to you? I’m the agent here and you’re supposed to listen to me here regarding the project. And if you have any doubts you have to discuss it with me, not the client. Client is paying me not you, I have to take care of the project and make sure that the objective of the website is met. Now it’s your choice if you want to continue with the work or not. If yes, you’ll have to read the documents and do it in my way, if you think if that’s what it is. Or else you’re not receiving any amount now. So?”, asked Jignesh

“Mari Jaa Tu. And keep the money. Bye”, said Rizwan.

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