It was 2011 when India won it’s Cricket World Cup on 2nd of April and we (my family) relocated to the Metropolis of Mumbai in evening and it was the first time when I sat in an airplane from Jaipur, Rajasthan. We were standing on the footpath of Lokhandwala watching India enjoying it’s achievement and me on the other side eating Ice-Cream never knew that in the coming two months, the journey of my career will be introduced which no one would have thought.

My father asked his work colleague to give computer lessons to me and my brother. Mr. Colleague I think came for about a week (I don’t remember precisely) but I’m sure of those two days. Dad was expecting he would teach us how to use Microsoft Office type softwares but this guy on this Earth had some other plans and I remember him saying something like this “You should learn Corel and I will teach you both”. After 2–3 days he brought the cracked version of Corel in his pen drive and installed it in our Laptop, and started teaching us both the basics of CorelDraw. He taught us this software specifically for two days or less than 4 (I’m not sure but this is the range I remember). I designed 1–2 business cards in the software and that was the only work I did.

I don’t remember why he stopped coming after some days but I and my brother stopped everything and got back to games and other things. After two months from arriving in Mumbai, our schools were supposed to be started and after they did, I never looked back to CorelDraw and didn’t used it, and found myself busy in school and social life.

Fast Forward to 2014, after 5 months from relocation to Delhi from Mumbai at my Grandparents house where we were staying my father came in night from work and I was watching TV and he suddenly from nowhere asked me to start working on CorelDraw again promising he would get me work very soon. ( I never chose my path)

On the very next day I remember, I opened my computer and clicked on the green color icon of CorelDraw and the software opened. On that day I designed 6 business card designs for my father’s business and presented them to him at night and he said keep learning. And from the next day, I started using internet to explore about CorelDraw and I still remember the phrase I used on Google which was “Things we can make in CorelDraw X5”. And after hitting Enter, there were some results shown and I clicked on the first or second of the results and the website which launched was “”, the website which has taught me so much about using softwares such as CorelDraw, Photoshop. On the second day, I showed my dad a Website UI design on CorelDraw which I learned from a tutorial on “”. This is how my journey in design started, I came to know about the term Graphic Design after 2–3 months and discovered that it’s actually a profession.

From that year to this year, I have explored and learned about Design. I had the privilege to learn about Design from many peoples who are in and outside of Design, and still have that privilege. I have worked for clients from different parts of the world and got to know how to work with clients.

I came to realize that Design is not the process of creating ornaments (I used to think of it in this way) but it’s actually a process of solving a problem and the person who solves problems, is a Designer. And now I believe that every living species but not limited to Robots is a Designer because everyone solves problems in one way or other.

I solve the problems of my clients which are brands, people who are starting out in a business, who doesn’t have an Identity to step in the business market as a brand, I solve this problem by giving my service of Brand Identity Design by which they’ll have an Identity to step in and thrive in the market. And that’s one of the ways I solve problems and I may or may start solving problems in other ways too.

Now I’m thinking about how to end this story and I don’t really know but Thank you for reading it and if you need my service or want to get in touch with me, you can contact me.