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Historia of Type – The Dawn of Letters

In order to keep exploring and respect where we are today in Type we have to take a trip back in history and get a glimpse of its Chronicle, Shall we? Definition of Type – Letters that are printed on paper mediums or seen on screen mediums. For example – a,b,c,d… The System of Proto-Writing (c.a. 7th millennium BCE) There was an evolution of simple symbols ...

Visual Representation of Kerning

Guidelines of Typographic Kerning

In Typography, Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between only two characters in a proportional typeface, mainly to achieve an optically pleasing result. So, the reader does not have a readability problem while reading. A well-kerned typeface is a typeface in which the blank spaces between characters have an optically similar area, and mathematically ...

Bauhaus School, School in Dessau

International Typography Style

The ‘International Typographic Style’ also know as the ‘Swiss Style’ is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland, Europe in the 1950s that values and focuses on Cleanliness, Readability, and Objectivity. Typical features of the style are Asymmetric Layouts, Use of Sans-Serif Typefaces, Flush Left and Ragged Right Text. Many of the early International ...